Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lesson #15: It's All Over When the Baby Learns to Crawl

Moms are always proud when their babies reach milestones, but I'm especially proud of my babies when they do it. Being born at 29 and 30 weeks, respectively, ain't easy (that's about 2 1/2 months TOO SOON for those of you who used to yell "And don't tell me in weeks!" when asking how far along I was). My little 2 lb 10oz-er and 3 lb 5oz-er had rough starts in this life and it's been amazing to see them grow and thrive as they have. When your baby starts life with a breathing tube, a feeding tube, a temperature gauge, an IV line, several leads stuck on him, cloth "sunglasses" over his eyes, wearing diapers the size of panty liners, you get a little teary eyed when almost a year later the little dude finally starts crawling around the floor!

All that being said, I'm pretty sure we are truly in for it now. This is only the tip of the little boy iceberg that I'm pretty sure is going to sink our parenting ship: two rambunctious boys on the move!

Our 3 1/2 year old is finally at the point where he can pretty much be trusted around the house, and we got kinda comfortable with that. Once the baby finally learned to sit up, it was all good: we could sit him in the "baby corner" of the playroom that is our living room, and he'd sit around playing happily while we went pee or put water on to boil. Not so much anymore. Hubby called me at work to tell me little man was crawling all around the place and I asked if he was really crawling or just kind of crawling. His response? "I set him in the toy area, went pee, and when I came back he was across the room chewing on a sandal!" So really crawling, then.

Now that he's on the go, we've had to remove the braided throw rug from our living room floor because no matter how many times you vacuum that beast, dog hair WILL get stuck all over his hands when he crawls on it. And what gets stuck on his hands WILL end up on his face and in his mouth. Ewww. The best part, though, is when he spits up and crawls through it. That's super fun! You'd think I would learn and just keep a roll of paper towels in the living room, but I never think of it until I NEED them. Even when I pick him up right away to prevent smearing, he somehow manages turn the living room floor into a road map of puke every time.

I'm actually a bit afraid that the little dude has some kind of magic powers or something. I mean, the kid literally learned to crawl overnight. Sunday he could get up on his knees and maybe move one knee ahead but that's it. Monday he could get two knees forward but nothing close to actually crawling. Tuesday morning-BAM! He's launching a sneak attack on sandals. What's next? I wake up tomorrow and he's running laps around the house? This weekend he's taking the car out for a spin? By Monday morning he's smashing beer cans on his forehead? I swear it could happen! He was already up on his knees holding onto the door of the entertainment center, eyeballing the Wii! Pulling himself up can't be far behind.

With two little boys on the move, we definitely have to step up the man to man defense a notch. I figure we're safe as long as they don't know they have the upper hand. We can't let them smell our fear! As long as they don't realize that together they can wreak the sort of havoc that drives people to drink we're all good.

And if worst comes to worst... there's always Mimi and Papa's house!


  1. You go little man! Momma and Daddy good luck and you are right go to Mimi and Papa's house they will love it.

  2. Another AWESOME post Amanda!!! :D