Friday, June 10, 2011

Lesson # 7: Video Camera = Monster Child

Lesson #7: Your kid will act like a total psycho when there is a recording device aimed at him. Especially if wielded by a local newscaster. And no amount of preparation before the event will change that outcome. Trust me.

Both of my babies were born way before they were fully "cooked" and because of that we have become advocates for prematurity awareness and education, and are big supporters of the March of Dimes. Because of THAT, we have done televised interviews with local media on five separate occasions. The first three times were at our home so the camera dude could just shoot all kinds of footage of my oldest acting like a total weirdo and then it could be edited to show the cuteness that lies beneath those horns he seems to sprout whenever there is a lens anywhere near him. The fourth time was at our local March for Babies event and he refused to show his face, but did give them some decent footage of him running all around and playing with his Mimi (this is good because it showcases how "normal" he's turned out despite being born at 29 weeks).

Last Saturday we were interviewed again during the local Children's Miracle Network telethon. Hubby was working so mom came along to help me wrangle the chillins during the segment. In her infinite wisdom, mom declined to wear a microphone so all the cajoling she had to do with my 3 1/2 year old during the 3 minute spot wasn't broadcast over the airwaves. (I told you she was wise.)

Let me preface this next part by telling you that my older boy LOVES his baby brother to pieces, drool and all. He is always trying to make the baby smile, and when he thinks I'm not listening he'll have whole conversations with the little dude. He shares toys, reads stories and showers "his" baby with kisses on a regular basis. Get the picture?

I'm still not sure exactly what the kid was trying to do (and I forgot to DVR it so I can't even watch it to try and figure it out), but he kept sort of hissing at his baby brother. I think he was actually trying to spit on him but knew he probably wouldn't get away with it in light of all the grown ups looking at him. I was really trying to concentrate on the questions I was being asked but it's totally distracting when there is a little person trying to spit on you and all you can think about is how everyone is going think your kid is a horrible little spit monster and how you must be such a bad parent because what kind of kid goes around spitting on babies? Mom must have whispered something really good to him (hmmm... lesson #6 anyone?) because just as I was beginning to get a little flabbergasted, he reached over, wrapped his arms around my head, and smiled up at me. I like to think it was because he just couldn't contain his love and adoration for dear old mom, but I'm pretty sure it was more about asserting himself as the center of attention.

Oh well, he comes rightly by it. Autographs, anyone?  

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  1. Love the blogs,keep them coming. That boy is too funny and I am sure he will teach brother to be the same. I smiled and laughed all the way through.Love you guys Aunt Deb