Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lesson #1

Lesson #1: Let go of expectations. Otherwise known as: Expect the Unexpected

Everything about how I joined the Mama 'Hood was unexpected. Like, I didn't expect it would take more than 2 years for us to get pregnant. I mean, people were poppin' these babies out left and right by accident and I couldn't even do it on purpose! I also didn't expect that I would become mom to not one, but TWO preemies! (Ok, the second one I kind of expected.)

While there have been many, many lessons learned since Lesson #1 (like: No matter how many times before you have kids you say you will never do X, Y & Z- once you have kids you will definitely do at least one, probably two, and maybe even all three of these things), we didn't document those lessons so therefore we'll begin counting the lessons chronicled here with #2 and go from there.

SO, here are some lessons I learned just this week:

Lesson #2: The six most evil words in the English language are: "Mommy I need to go potty". Especially when uttered at the butt crack of dawn. ...And followed immediately by "Mommy I peed on your bed" (ok maybe THOSE are the six most evil words...)

Lesson #3: One must not look away, not even for a nanosecond, when preparing marinade with a 3 year old 'helper', otherwise one will be cleaning a huge effing mess off her counter.

Lesson #3: Hauling boxes to the recycling center will entertain a 3 year old boy for a whole day. Seriously.

Lesson #4: It's not enough to just BUY the locks for the lazy Susan cupboard, you really should install them too. Unless you want come out of the bathroom to find your child standing on a chair sucking on a tube of cookie icing. Just sayin'.

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